About Jack Zigon

Jack’s love of photography began at age 12 when his parents gave him a Kodak camera. In his twenties, he graduated to a 35mm Yashica SLR and studied under the tutelage of Tom Capolongo, a Massachusetts-based graphic artist and illustrator.

Mostly self-taught for the next 30 years, he photographed images for his own pleasure and that of friends and family. “Photography was just one of those things I’ve always enjoyed doing because I was one of the few people who could remember to take pictures, and didn’t cut off the tops of people’s heads.”

While he’s learned from the work of Ansel Adams, Elia Locardi, Alain Briot, and Scott Kelby, his ongoing source of inspiration comes from spending over 30 years visiting the Jersey Shore year round.

Simultaneously relaxed and energized by the dramatic natural beauty of the seaside communities, he strives to capture the awe and serenity of its ever-changing vistas – and communicate those feelings through his images. He also loves water in all of its forms: ocean, streams, waterfalls, snow – for both the dynamic nature as well as the calming effect it has. He’s drawn to dramatic color – usually from sunrises and sunsets and loves to capture the moment when the light makes you go “Wow! Look at that!”

Uniquely, he often finds scenes while bicycling for 30 to 50 miles with his wife from his home in Ventnor NJ on Absecon Island through the towns of Margate, Longport, Ocean City, Strathmere, Sea Isle, Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ. He also loves to drive around Delaware County looking for streams, waterfalls and lakes – some that few knew were there until he captured the image.

Jack lives with his wife in Wallingford, PA, but spends as much time “down the Shore” as he can, spoiling grandchildren and making his art.