About Jack Zigon

I’m a photographer based in Philadelphia who specializes in photographing architecture. While I love capturing the built environment, I also have a passion for landscape and nature photography.

I love to use light and composition to create beautiful photos with that “wow” factor that makes your clients want to stop and stare.

I’ve worked in sales, online marketing and photography for 30 years, and right now I have the best job in the world: standing in a space, finding the best angle to shoot from, and using light to capture the art in architecture and interior design!

I go the extra mile to collaborate with my clients, understanding what they want to achieve with the images, and then doing what ever has to be done to get the job done. My clients say I’m easy to work with, persistent and an even-tempered combination of team player and leader.

Here's what my clients have to say...

The bottom line is I’m an artist with marketing savvy, who provides great customer service and high-quality images that help build your brand.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please contact me to discuss your next photography project. I’d love to hear about your inspiration behind it and how we might collaborate to capture photographs that show the best of your creative vision.

Call or text to  610-291-5884 or email and we’ll start our conversation about your marketing needs.

What Makes Me Different

In a previous life, as VP of Internet Marketing, I grew Comcast Business’ online marketing division from $76 million/year to $1.6 billion annually, so I understand what it takes to get businesses to pay attention and ultimately request services online.

How Can I Help You?

With my first career in marketing and my second in photography, I’m not just here to capture your projects, I’m here to help you tell a story that increases your revenue. My imagery is part of your brand and an engaging powerful tool that helps you land the ideal clients you want.

What Can You Expect From Me?

Step 1
I’ll listen carefully to what your project means to you and your clients. I’ll ask questions about how it’s unique and demonstrates capabilities of interest to your future prospects. We’ll create a shot list and I create a written proposal that outlines the deliverables you’ll receive and the cost.

Step 2
At the shoot (or before if possible) we’ll take scouting photos of each shot that you know you’ll need for your marketing.

Step 3
During the shoot I’ll compose each shot with professional quality equipment and you’ll view each one on a large screen iPad, giving you confidence that you’ll receive exactly what you need.

Step 4
Finally, I’ll edit each photo for your approval and electronically deliver the photos in both web-optimized and high-resolution versions.